Thursday, September 01, 2011

TV's New Fall Season 2011 - Spreadsheets and Analysis

TV is my first love. And I'm a spreadsheet guy. I've written all about my obsession with both TV and spreadsheets here.

For 2011, I've done it once again. Poring through the various network and cable sites, TV blog sites, and the best episode guide on the Internet (, I've taken the last few weeks compiling the following:
  • A list of network and cable TV shows returning this fall, complete with the season number, network, premiere date and scheduled air day.
  • A list of shows coming later this season.
  • A grid for each day of the week with the shows, times, premiere dates and season number
  • A grid for each day of the week with each show, times and dates for episode tracking
  • And something new: a list of shows cancelled/ended in the 2010-2011 season
Get the Fall 2011 TV Collection of Spreadsheets here. If you just want a PDF of shows and premiere dates, that's here.

One of the things that disappoints me the most each year is investing my time in new programs that really capture my interest, only to have them cancelled, often in mid-story.

I was curious if it was common across networks, or if some may be more likely to cancel. Here is a ranking of the most shows cancelled after one season in 2010. Not ironically, NBC turned out to be the biggest loser, with 11 cancelled new shows, 3 of which had unaired episodes.
  • NBC - 11 shows cancelled (3 with unaired episodes)
  • ABC - 7 shows cancelled (2 with unaired episodes)
  • FOX - 6 shows cancelled (1 show with unaired episodes)
  • CBS - 5 shows cancelled
  • Toon - 3 shows cancelled
  • FX - 2 shows cancelled
  • AMC - 1 show cancelled
  • CMT - 1 show cancelled
  • CW - 1 show cancelled
  • Starz - 1 show cancelled
  • Syfy - 1 show cancelled
  • TBS - 1 show cancelled
From my list, that's a total of 40 new shows cancelled, 29 from the Big Four. I wonder how many will fall this season.

Of the programs cancelled, I was most disappointed to lose four very well-written and brilliantly acted shows:

  • The Chicago Code
  • Detroit 1-8-7
  • Lie to Me
  • Men of a Certain Age

Just a thought: I believe American cable needs to carry Canada's CBC, even if it's lagging behind the true release schedule, just like they've arranged with BBC America.

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful or mildly interesting, or you feel better about yourself knowing you don't suffer from such an obsession. Or high-five if you do!