Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pathologically Pathetic

What is wrong with me? How is it that it's been nearly two months since I've posted?

This took me 30 seconds to write. Granted, I'm not really saying anything but at least it's not two-months old.

Here's a quick thought: Facebook is slow today, Twitter is down and my Yahoo! server is blocked at work. Three problems that didn't exist for me a mere three years ago, from three services which are absolutely free to me. Except for the $700 iPad device from which I access them. No, it doesn't make me look cool. Yes, it actually has changed my life and I'm now 90% paperless.

This is a picture of me phoning it in. See, I'm even too lazy to be clever and just went with the literal.

I would like to vow that I shall no longer be pathologically pathetic and post more frequently, but I had the nerve to create a page called Daily Amusement that I last updated in December. So we both know I can't be trusted.

Until we meet again, [INSERT CATCH PHRASE HERE].