Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nine Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

Have you seen these ridiculous articles for job-seekers?

I saw this title today in an email from Not that I'm looking. ;-)

I didn't read it. I decided to write my own. Really, it could be a gazillion things to never say...

Nine Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

1. What's your policy on masturbation?
2. Define "inappropriate".
3. Shouldn't you ask if I have ever been convicted fairly?
4. Do you have cameras in all the elevators?
5. In five years? I've never lasted anywhere more than three. You gonna finish that muffin?
6. I'm all about diversity. Like that Dutch chick in HR. Is she single...ish?
7. What's the maximum weight limit for that Minolta copier?
8. Are pants mandatory?
9. This is boring. Go Fuck Yourself.

Please fill the comments with yours! Like "Have you ever heard yourself talk? Wow. Good thing you're hot. Am I right?"