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An Interview with Kevin Brown - 30 Rock’s Dot Com
Free Lancing
Prevent the Twitter Unfollow: Tips from a Twitter User
3D Reader Reviewed!
Why Shorties Got Game
Blogs on your eReader: Convenient? Yes! Available? Maybe. Free? No.
RNC: Looking for Money Instead of Ideas

Signature Pieces
Balding: No it’s really not OK to pat my head
Breaking Up with Friends
Death To Air Quotes
Dove Beauty Bars – Now Backed By Fake Science
The Funniest Thing on TV? Drug Ads
Monistat Products-Why are there three?
Movie-Groaning Experience
Over-30 Softball: Blast To My Past
The Snuggie: Cult Fashion on a Shoestring Budget
Things People Over 30 Just Shouldn’t Say
Weather without the Foreplay

The Girl with the Butterfly Wings
My Father's Jacket
Smoke-free World
Wait Your Turn

Answers to Rhetorical Questions
Buzz Kill: Death to the Buzz Words
Civil Disunion: So Where Are You Registered?
New Year's Resolutions: If I believed all that spam email
Ortho Home Defense Against Mice Is Overkill
Spring is finally here! Keep your shirt on.
Stairway Etiquette
Why you gotta be like that?
Top 10 Overplayed and/or Poorly Covered Stories of 2009
The United Hates of Duhmerica
What every phone really needs: True Caller ID
What's Your Rapper Name?
eHarmony: Fetch me a Doppelgänger

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