Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Desperately Seeking Humor

I get caught in this rut where nothing really funny inspires me, so I don’t post; yet when I don’t post, my blog becomes stale and people stop checking, so I have this urge to post something and an even greater urge to check Google Analytics to see how many people found my something post today, and what country/state/city they read it from, and if they read anything else while they were here, and how long they stayed (8 seconds? You can’t read anything in 8 seconds!) and if there might, by some miracle of the ego-stroking deities, just be a comment, where someone actually felt moved, inspired, tickled or more likely annoyed enough to write something back, but then it just becomes one big, embarrassing, unhumorous run-on sentence. Is "unhumorous" even a word?

So I did it anyway with a really dated reference in the title. Maybe inspiration will hit me tomorrow, or at least some up-to-date humor.

There ain't nothin' more, man! This was a shorty.


wordbones said...

That was almost Sienfeldesque. Now at least you have a comment to read!

Mike said...

Thanks, WB!

My ego post gets one more notch.


Lulubelle B said...

Mike -

Glad to see I'm not the only blogger in a slump this summer. You can't force the funny.

- Lulu

Mary Kate Murray said...

Mike I content myself with all of your humorous "No" rsvp's to OM movie night. They never fail to make me at least smile, if not chuckle, or outright chortle.

Lisa said...

Man, stats are addicting. I'm a fellow-sufferer. And blogging? Just makes you a comment-junkie. So, uh, visit me and comment me . . .

And the dated reference? Are you saying just cuz I know it's Madonna seeking Susan that I'm old?

WLHS '81 Rules! (And I don't mean this in a bad way, but uh, Kill the Mill? In a civil, friendly, old-time Columbia kinda way...)

Mike said...

Nice to hear from you, Lisa! Knowing it was a Madonna movie reference doesn't say that you're old. But your graduation year does. ;-)