Thursday, March 12, 2009

Juno was a friend of mine...Comcast, you are no Juno

Saying the Comcast Town TV commercials are annoying is an understatement; like the incessant claims made by all providers regarding their lightning-fast broadband service, reliability and having the best HD options are overstatements.

If it were my first 100 days in office, I think I’d pass Executive Order #13507: If you pay for cable or fiber optic services, advertisements reminding you nine times an evening where all of your money is really going are prohibited.

The unenjoyable, infectious, seemingly never-ending Comcast Town songs are reminiscent of (but don't come close to) the song performed at the end of the movie Juno. That song I liked. It’s a cover of “Anyone Else But You” by the Moldy Peaches. You can see the Juno scene here:

I won’t embed the Comcast commercials. If you choose to suffer, you shall do so by your own hand here:

Dream Big? I can dream how big my bill will get, you unregulated ba$tards.

Mono-tone-ous TV Ditty
Monolithic corporate greedy
Earned the fate of Circuit City

Next time won’t you sing with me?


[wait...the internet is down the 800 number...punch in my account number (where the hell is my bill?)...hit 1...hit 4...hit's ringing!...false alarm, now in a call is very important to them...yes, I do realize you have a web, I don't want to order Summer Slam...aww forget it]

Town can kiss my ass for free


Jannie Funster said...

I do not watch t.v. but that Comcast thing seems not too far from a one-note samba. Oh, I stand corrected -- there is an Ab as well as a Bb in there.

I haven't listened to my Juno CD in a while but that was for sure one of my favs. And Tire Swing!

melaniet42 said...

I HATE those darn Comcast commercials - they're awful!

Anonymous said...

hate to break it to y'all but the lyrics were written by the same Juno songwriter. Who claims not to have produced the ads (true enough) and to hate them (probably true too). But welcome to the real world. Funny it's via Juno, hah. It's a sell-out situation, not a rip-off.