Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Your Rapper Name?

I've always wondered what my handle would be if I were a rapper. I tried the online rap name generators and quickly dismissed them: Trick P, Dog Mikey M Sledge and Money Rhyme??? So lame.

I think it's better to pick a simple theme and just have some fun.

I could go with my pasty complexion and general lack of coolness: Vanylla HotTay or Soylicious

My typical mood: MC Kurmudgeon

My impulse purchases: Thug Snuggie...or maybe Snug Thuggie

My favorite sci-fi characters: O.B. Juan

My favorite sci-fi profanity substitutes: FragNetic

My rock-hard abs: Dough-boy  Ripple

My career goal: Certified PMP in the house!

My ailments: Hay-Feevah

My video game prowess: Axe Kickah

Or my age: Busta Hip

My multi-ethnic heritage...
Greek: Hiphopodopolous
Italian: Vinny Vedivici
Irish: Little Big Da
English: PubKrawler
Scottish: GaelForce Tiger
Welsh: Stone Kold Castle Chiller
French: Roi de Fromage
German: RocktoberFest

My mad skills of exaggeration and inaccuracy: 9 Inch Nail

And when feeling especially sacrilegious (remembering that God laughs in any faith):
Wiccedy Wiccedy Wiccan
Ur Nex Messiah
Elijah's Chair Sitter
Karma Zootra
Big Belly Wizdom
All 4 72 Ladyz
AgnosticFronter or ItzAllGood

I'll keep adding more until I get bored...

What's yours? Comment here or share on Twitter. Be creative!!


melaniet42 said...

I feeling totally uncreative at the moment, so I will merely applaud your creativity and say, "Good job Snug Thuggie!".

Anonymous said...

Funny. I adore the Greek hip hop name. I think that improv group should all get hip-hop names. E

One Wink at a Time said...

Awesome post. You are so creative!
I'm thinking... gotta get into a Rap state of mind for this... *brain starting to hurt*... How about "My Rapper Name would be (insert drum roll here)...Cerebral Meltdown."

One Wink at a Time said...

Oh crap. I always think of something better, later.
"Busta Brain."

Mike said...

I always think of better names and comebacks later. It's like Costanza and the Jerk Store on Seinfeld, or what I've heard called "Shoulda said" in improv. I tend to write lots of examples so one or more stick. I still like Hiphopodopolous the best, but it's honestly a rip off of Hiphopopotamus from one of my favorite quirky surprise shows, HBO's Flight of the Conchords. Thanks for all of the comments, friends!