Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe It's Not Procrastination

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. There are many things I don't get to in the time I'd prefer, but it's no longer from procrastination or avoidance. It's from all this bloody technology that's supposed to make everything easier with instant access on-demand.

I don't know about you but... I'm now trying to keep current with my text messages, email (three accounts), Twitter posts, Twitter replies, Twitter friends, Facebook posts, Facebook comments, Facebook friends, writing two blogs, responding to blog comments, new blog ideas, reading other blogs, commenting on those blogs, pimping the works of others, smelling the roses, gaming, recording my podcasts, writing freelance articles, listening to my iPod, catching up on podcast subscriptions, learning new songs (guitar & sing), writing songs, breathe, recording videos, my day job, my girlfriend (and not just date nights), my family, my friends, travel, down time, TV (I loves my TV), movies (independent and mainstream), internet articles, magazine articles, a newspaper or two, books to read (I have PILES of books and new friends that are authors, mainstream and independent - a new Kindle DX will help organize but not necessarily get them all read), YouTube videos, YouTube video subscriptions, web series, crossword puzzles, and did I mention I'm writing two TV spec scripts and a screenplay. And then there's that thing I used to do...what was it called? Oh yeah, sleep.

So, procrastination for all intents and purposes is dead. I don't put off jack. I just don't have the time to get to it all. Wait a minute. What was that? My BlackBerry? My laptop? My other laptop? My smart Phone? My landline? The doorbell? A human? When is the last time I looked up? Maybe it was the oven.


Barbara W. said...

time to streamline that helpful technology and get back to basics hey m? kindling at the beach house with cocktails works for me ; )

I honestly think you might have to go into rehab though to disconnect from your techno gadgets ; ) xo

Mike said...

our beach house is coming! and you're absolutely right. hi, my name is mike, and i need to go wireless-less. ;-)

Corryn said...

Can you email me your TV spreadsheet?

Mike said...

Hi Cory! If you checkout this blog online, you'll notice a new design and several tabs. The spreadsheet you're seeking is under "TV". :-)