Sunday, March 13, 2011

TMI on the FB

People post too much information on Facebook. This is not a revelation, I know. And I'm not even referring to the terribly personal gems like "I just had another pap smear. Here's the JPEG..." Or "Prostate exams are a pain in the ass. Here's the JPEG..." That's information I think we can all agree does not ever need to be shared, even with your doctor, on Facebook.

No, I mean save something to talk about for the times when we meet up for coffee.

I went to a happy hour recently with some friends and coworkers, and they basically recited my latest news back to me. And I to them. And then we stared at our drinks, with nothing left to talk about. 'bout them Bears?

Don't let this happen to you. Leave some news, anecdote, pic or political rant for the social networking that's live and in person.

My shortest blog ever.

I feel better!

P.S. That's the Lucida Grande Facebook font, downloadable for free right here.


Christine Macdonald said...


dizzydent said...

I totally over-share. Maybe that's why no one ever asks me what I'm up to. Either that or they don't really care. I'm gonna go with the second.

Fempire Fandom said...

Hilarious. There's nothing worse than someone updating you bout their day of the month.

Fempire Fandom said...

I meant to say updating you on fb status even Twitter...

delaynamichelle said...

One of my FB friends actually updated about her husband's vasectomy. Why? I don't want to think about your husband's penis, so why are you forcing me to think about his cut up penis? Also, I agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike, so true although you've rarely been left speechless, staring at your glass.
Michael S.

Mike said...

So many comments within one day. Thank you!

Christine - because you're a genius.

Teri - I'm gonna go with a third choice: fear of your razor-sharp wit.

Naledi - Thank you for sharing here what I cannot without hired security.

Delayna - it almost sounds like she's saying: hey ladies, he won't get you pregnant either.

Michael S. - except that one time you told me about that thing you did when you were 22. Interestingly enough I know several Michael S.'s and they all have a story just like that. ;-)

One Wink at a Time said...

I once unfriended someone who constantly posted pictures of meals she prepared. She aways started with a glob of uncooked meat and it grossed me out.