Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Right Turn on Red Is Not a Right

It's an option.

If traffic is coming, you fucking wait until your light changes to green.

It's not a stop sign.

We're not taking turns.

And when you do pull out, like I wish your father had in 1977, you don't do it slower than Steven Wright on a bottle of Lunesta and four pints of Sangria during a Congressional filibuster. You hit that accelerator like Marty McFly and rocket to 88 MPH. Asshole.


Perry Block said...

Whew! Guess I don't have to ask how your Valentine's Day was.

Brad F said...

Hey - don't get me going on this subject. Don't forget the Left Lane Laggards, Merge Lane Stoppers, High Beam Addicts...wait horns are blowing...traffic light must have turned green...gotta go.

Angela Peters said...

Yep it is official. Your blog is my new favourite. Can't stop giggling. Brilliant!

Mike said...

Perry - Yeah. Who doesn't love VD?

Brad - And texting whilst driving.

Angela - Your my favourite new reader!

Mike said...

Oops! *You're. << That would keep me up all night.