Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Post Election Red, White & Blues

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When your team like the Baltimore Ravens beats the Pittsburgh Steelers, nothing in your life changes fundamentally, other than a temporary emotional response. And a discount on Papa Johns pizza, but I wouldn't call that a "win". When your team like the Ravens loses to the Steelers, the same holds true. Because that's sports.

Politics is played like sports. Team colors, trash talking and a really subjective view, especially when a flag is thrown and penalties are called on your team. But governing is not politics. It is not sports. And it has many impacts on our lives. And it isn't down to one leader (President, Governor, Senator), or body (Congress, Justice Department, DMV), but the whole dysfunctional system.

They don't read your Facebook posts, but they do read your emails, petitions, letters and phone messages. Regardless of your "side", which for many truly is neither, I like to think the team is all of us. So I'll continue to vote, and continue to write and call the many different people in the system. It may not make the change I want directly, but it does make a difference.


terrinakamura said...

I like the sports analogy, Mike. With all the rhetoric and posturing, and considering problems with leading candidates of both parties, it can feel disheartening.

I'm an "a la carte" voter. More liberal when it comes to social issues and more conservative when it comes to financial ones. Right now I feel adrift :(

But you're right—disengagement isn't the answer. It's part of the problem. The question is, how to get more people to participate when the system seems so broken.

On that cheerful note, Happy New Year!

Mike said...

Happy New Year, Terri! It's kind of sad that a post like this stands the test of time: meaning little changes in the arena of politics or apathy.