Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If Pat Robertson spoke alone in the woods, with no one there to hear him…

we’d all be much better off. The dude is becoming certifiable. It’s not his fault. He believes he hears the voice of God. I’m sure he’s hearing lots of voices, but I’m pretty sure none are the voice of God. If one of them was, He would probably say something like, “Pat. Please shut the F up. You’re embarrassing Me and yourself. Most importantly, Me.” So he’s making the shit up, and it’s getting nasty. Really nasty.

But, I will not repeat the insanity that has come out of his mouth recently, because that simply gives it consideration, which is really undeserved. If every time Pat Robertson spoke, and the world (especially the press) would ignore him, then his hurtful, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, nonsensical super-mega-Christian rants wouldn’t cause the hurt or embarrassment that they do; nor would they be repeated over and over and over, extending their life and reach. His words would simply float away into the ether, where they belong.

And if he keeps judging, condemning and threatening people, I believe he’ll be in for a very rude awakening before the pearly gates (which by the looks of him is probably pretty soon)…if he ever makes it to the gates. Keep it up Pat and you will not pass Go or collect your $200, and will head directly to Jail. I mean Hell. Hey, no worries, dude. You’ll have Martha Stewart to keep you company one day. It will be a good thing.

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