Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 10 Overplayed and/or Poorly Covered Stories of 2009

10 - Avatar

Just because it's top of mind and exhaustive media exposure of another medium across all media is annoying.

9. Balloon Boy

As freaky as the chase coverage was, the parents deserve jail time and the story deserves a rest.

8. Octomom

Ah, child exploitation for fame. Also, see #9 and #3.

7. Tiger Woods

So a tiger can be a pig. Worshipped all his life, told he's better than others for the unique skill of smacking a tiny dimpled ball around in the grass with accuracy, the country was shocked. He'll be back quicker than Michael Vick.

6. Unveiled Prejudice

The country united to elect our first African-American president, only to be divided within months by the same old-same old not-so-hidden true feelings festering in so many, masked as partisanship. I don't call it racism because I feel humans are one race. So until Klingons or Vs show up to try and kick our collective yet divided asses, I'll stick with the label "prejudice."

5. Sarah Palin

She is a reality show you betcha. I haven't seen an example of such false idol worship of anyone so unqualified for such a high position in leadership since... I actually haven't seen such a thing in my lifetime. You might want to check her scalp for a tattoo - she'll probably say it's 999.

4. Michael Jackson's Death

The bazillion RIPs on twitter required an asterisk: *Rest In actual Peace in 2011, when the coverage might finally stop. His passing was sad. The continued mining for related stories is pathetic. The Jackson family is no more royalty than the Osmonds or the Osbournes.

3. Jon & Kate

Because a public divorce is so much fun. Television coverage of people who really need to get out of a spotlight that's burned them so many times. It's like a new reality series of staged encounters covering an old reality series of staged events. Hey, there's only one narcissist I want to see with all that coverage: Me.

2. The Economy

No one is better at selective memory than my fellow Americans. Forgetting how we actually got here, after oil-based inflation and a ridiculous run of collective real estate greed, it was America's scapegoat for everything, and another bonus handed to the unethical to continue in their financial gluttony. People also expected President Obama to "fix it!" within his first 100 days. It is tied with America, the scapegoat for everything bad in the world.

1. Health Care Reform

Talk about a selective memory! It's like we didn't learn a single, freaking lesson from the near-collapse of our frail economic structure by blatant exhibitions of pure greed and a horrible misallocation of wealth and power. Ensuring the possibility of all humans, including children, of having access to affordable health care, the one extended service plan we all need, has become a partisan debate of misinformation and flabbergasting support of the broken profit-based health care industry, as well as support for employers who used to cover 100% of employee insurance and offer retirement pensions, who laid off millions this year. It is our national example of Stockholm Syndrome. But it's the actual coverage of the debaters and misinformation rather than the core issues which should be most embarrassing.

I'm just one guy with 10 opinions. What do you think?


One Wink at a Time said...

I think this post is entirely accurate. You've mirrored my thoughts and said each one way better than I could ever hope to.
Let's hope that in 2010 the media is a little less retentive and a whole lot more, um... creative?

Mike said...

Linda, I like the way you think. :-) And I'm so grateful that I met you through the twitterverse!

One Wink at a Time said...

Mike, sometimes I think you were my brother in another life. But mostly I just enjoy the ride. Thanks for all the amusement : )

Mike said...

Linda, you are beyond kind. Thank YOU for all the amusement, and enlightenment.


You're one guy with 10 opinions and they are all dead on it.
Keep up the good, funny work.
My best.

Mike said...

I'm flattered and honored, Count!