Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's the Playoffs: What Are You Wearing?


Why would I ask such a question?

I'm totally serious, but not in a fashion sense. It's not about having officially licensed gear, your own nickname name on your jersey (with your age or #1), or squeezing one's body into Under Armour® like an overstuffed sausage casing. What I mean is consciously selecting what you wear to help your team on game day.

Tomorrow my Baltimore Ravens are playing the Kansas City Chiefs. And when it's game day, I have superstitions. When it's the playoffs, they're off the charts. And they're stupid. I don't really believe what I wear or don't wear has any impact on the game, but it allows me to feel a part of the game.

So I wear purple Hanes® (anyone else hear Hendrix?) boxer briefs, pictured...yeah right.

I also don a Ravens shirt or jersey. The problem is, I only have two shirts and there's a good chance I haven't gotten to the laundry. I won't wear dirty clothes. And I don't buy jerseys every year so mine are usually of former players. Now, if it's of a retired Hall-of-Famer, big props and we're headed to the Super Bowl. But if it's a released hack, or someone who plays for another team, I think that's actually bad luck. So then I might go with something that reflects team colors. Luckily, white is always an option if my time is the visitor. --Wow, I am a lazy-ass fan. These athletes work out all week and I can't even schedule a load of laundry.

There's no way I'm alone in this, so 'fess up, people. What do you wear on game day?


Mary said...

You are NOT supposed to wash your jersey! The whole superstition is that once you wash it, you wash away any luck which it holds! I personally wear my #5 Flacco jersey, my RAVENS hat, purple football beads, along with my RAVENS purse loaded with all of my RAVENS gear! GO RAVENS!

MamaMaven said...

I'm a Browns fan so obviously what I wear is doing me absolutely no good.

Mike said...

Double LOL! :-D

AnnaM said...

Camo snuggie!

Barbara W. said...

lol...a little universal power in play here?

Mike said...

Awesome, Anna!

Barb - I don't go as far as praying out loud for the field goal, even if I ask for world peace, good health for all and the restoration of sanity worldwide, BUT my hands are always folded. And pointing up. Like thousands of other fans, ;-)

One Wink at a Time said...

LOL Mike, I was bored on FB reading Steelers this and Steelers that (I'm the farthest thing from a sports fan-especially football- that you could ever find) so I thought, I'll go over to Mike's blog and get caught up. And wouldn't you know I clicked on this post.
In answer to your question, sort of... I attended a wedding shower this afternoon before "the almighty game..." There were probly about 80 women in attendance. I wore a black turtleneck sweater under a red suede blazer. Everyone else in the whole place except for two other people had black and gold Steeler jerseys on!

Mike said...

Hi Linda! So glad to see you! And I am not surprised, especially by fans during the play-offs.