Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Not Writer's Block: It's Muddle Age

Muddle Age? That's a typo, right?


OMG. What could that be? Did you read it on WebMD?

No. I made it up. But it's real, man.

It's when you double your age and realize, "Aw crap. No way. I'm not going to live that long."

For me, it's 94. No matter how organic my food, or how awesome my downward dog, it ain't gonna happen.

I live to write humorous posts (humourous for my Canadian/British friends; humerus for my pre-med). And it's not like I just stopped laughing, but I've been to five viewings/funerals in a span of eight months, and it kind of kills the buzz. Repeatedly.

In my mid-twenties, all my friends were getting married. In my mid-thirties, all my friends were having babies. In my early forties, it was mid-life. And now in my *mumble* *ahem* *cough* not-early forties, my friends are losing their parents. Luckily, mine are doing well in the blue/silver/beet-haired mecca we call Florida.

Don't get me wrong. I'm blessed to be here, to have known all of these people, and to still have my parents. But it's been kind of crazy, and I'm really hoping it's not a pattern. Not another "I'm at that age..." And laughing at Snuggies, idiot politicians or Family Guy just hasn't done the trick.

But the fact the term "muddle age" hit me when I was brooding about my writing hiatus inspires me, whether it's my own ability to persevere and think up goofy shit, or a little divine intervention giving me the nudge I've been pining for. Or maybe I overheard it.

But I just blogged about it.

♬ Bang your head / Muddle health will drive you mad ♬

Muddle on, fothermucker. Muddle on.


lorig2008 said...

Fifty is the new thirty, didn't you hear?

Now that may sound like a joyous thing. Be glad you aren't a woman. Along with all you describe in your post, women no longer get to enjoy the fruit of their labor in making it to the grand half century mark.

Gone are the days of being, thinking, and looking like our grandma's did at fify. We have to be young, hip and age backwards, lol. Hell, we need the stamina of twenty year olds.

In another ten years, 60 will be the new 16.

We aren't getting older, we're supossed to be geting perkier.

My relatives lived to 89, 99, and 100.

Sigh. Now you know why I'm scripting the next chapter in my life, lol.

Mike said...

Hi Lori! Excellent points!

I'll refrain from commiserating on the lovely changes our bodies go through, or this crazy need so many of us feel to keep up with the younger-set. But know this: women my age, and older, are H.O.T! Fiddy is easily the new 30!

My grandmother made it to near 100. I don't need the robot-clone of Willard Scott sending me a Smucker's shout-out for hitting 100. So good to hear from you!

Monica J. Lakatos, DDS said...

I'm with Lori above - just be glad you're not a woman! Watching "The Doctor's" the other day, they featured "rejuvenation treatments" for parts of the female anatomy (invisible to all except your most intimate friends)that I was never, ever concerned about before. It had never entered my mind to be concerned about that. Now I can't stop thinking about it. Just one more area I need to felt inadequate about because it's not 18 anymore! I'm all for keeping up with things and looking better but who sees that??? Now I'm all worried about something I never even thought about before!!! Hell's bells, what's a woman to do?
For me, the whole physical aspect of aging thing is a drag but it's better than dying young & pretty! Plus, if you have fun friends, we'll all be "muddling" thru it together. Hopefully with wine!

Mike said...

Nip/tuck has really ventured into new places, hasn't it?

What's interesting is I was coming from the perspective regarding my mental state, and the difficulty I've had being able to write with all the emotional weight dealing with the mortality of others, and facing my own.

But the physical/emotional weight one must carry in "staying young" is just as heavy! And have you seen "Heavy" on A&E yet? Inspirational!

I raise my glass, without assistance, to you both!

Monica J. Lakatos, DDS said...

I lamented the loss of my mind years ago, hence the focus on the physical. It's all I have left! :)

One Wink at a Time said...

Everyone here has pretty much covered anything I might have to contribute without getting morbid, that is. Doubling my age, btw would make me 108. Yeah, in my dreams.
I honestly think that Benjamin Button had the right idea and I started subscribing to that concept when I hit 40.
Also, when I turned 50, I was on top of the world. A lot has happened in the short span of 4 years.
It's so hard to talk about this subject without sounding negative. So I'll stop ;)
Absolutely great to see you writing and so well, at that. Miss ya.

Mike said...

Your mind is still quite sharp, Monica. :-) LINDA! So glad to see you here. I miss you too. I like the idea of living life in reverse. Here's hoping for good things over the next 4.

lorig2008 said...

You guys are all too funny. I saw the promo for that episode of The Doctors. I think I know what Monica was referring too!

I have to read your blog more often, Mike.

I hear smiling is good for a chin lift (okay, I made that up).

PS...I lost my mind years ago too!

Summer R said...

As always, thanks for sharing, Mike. Always good to hear your perspective. @Monica, that is too funny! I hadn't heard about that episode (and I think I'm glad!)

I think our society doesn't value the wisdom and maturity as much as it should. I'm proud to be getting crow's feet! (Although I may feel different when they are more pronounced).

There's at least SOME good news - apparently (at least age-wise), you're in for an upturn in happiness! Let's hope it's true!: